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Hydrogen peroxide has long since been known to be effective against pathogens without the accompanying side effects of legacy harsh chemicals. But it was not until Virox patented a unique formulation called Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide that truly harnessed its full potential as a cleaner/disinfectant. This remarkable discovery was not just an alternative to other disinfectants on the market today but a next-generation solution with demonstrable superiority. AHP® disinfectants were powerful and fast yet gentler on users and the planet—delivering the perfect balance. It has since emerged as the fastest-growing new disinfectant active in healthcare, dentistry, animal health, laboratory settings, cannabis production, and now mold remediation.



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Virox Technologies Inc. formulates cleaners and disinfectants that kill pathogens leading to mold & mildew and the spread of infectious disease. Our approach is deliberately different from others in the belief that efficacy against hard to kill germs does not have to compromise user safety or negatively impact the planet. Virox is committed to innovating, developing and improving environmentally sustainable cleaners and disinfectants that allow our customers to reduce their environmental impact.

“A focus on human and environmental sustainability is a legacy we will pass on to future generations.”

Randy Pilon, President and CEO


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